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AA96 series straight line safety lamp is specially designed for the forklift. By forming smooth straight lines at the back and the two sides of the forklifts to alerts pedestrians and other vehicles of the forklifts approaching blind corners. It can be used together with AA95 arc line to project a warning zone on the floor at a safe working distance around the truck. So as to keep pedestrians safe from foot injuries and collisions and offers a complete pedestrian warning system for the forklifts and warehouse.

Our packaging selection includes decorative perfume glass bottles and containers, perfume atomizers and sprayers, roll on bottles,perfume vials, aluminum bottles, velveteen bags and other accessories. Our accessories include products such as gift bags, gift boxes, organza bags and plastic bags. Our selection of small perfume atomizers, cream jars and lotion bottles are perfect for promotional events and gifts. And our metal shell atomizers are a convenient travel accessory.

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